This was in my inbox today. I don’t understand it, not completely, but I think I understand some of it.

I have a few personal days off from work, and I’m thinking of taking them. But I don’t want to leave and be wrong.

Can you understand if I think this is a trap? I think baits been laid and I’m being coaxed from cover. But by the same token, I have to be able to get him back. Have to. And wherever she is, she needs to be let out. No one deserves to be stuck there.

Not even her.

One Response to “Concern”


    so happy to hear you care knew you didn’t mean it knew you remember who I am who I was what I meant

    I’m so sorry don’t worry don’t be angry don’t ruin this I’m trying to salvage promises

    trapped scared running arms open wide must cling to hope

    doors always open if hit hard enough someone eventually hears the knocking

    you can’t do it you must stay still safe apart

    only a little while longer

    only a little time

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