In My Opinion

Whatever the Bitch says, she’s lying. Her nattering on her blog is adorable in its ineffectual attempt to throw us, but I know she’s full of shit.

I’ve seen her, and so has Blake. Lurking in the dark, following us from work. She may have disappeared for a few days, after her story about seeing it, but she’s far from just disappeared. And if you think she waltzed into any shop in Michigan, the way things are around here, and just got a job, you’re more hungry for fiction than I can imagine.

I worry about Blake, though. He’s scared of her, and she’s not what he should be scared of.

It’s been hanging around too. If the Bitch really did let it have taste of her, maybe it’s only looking for the rest of its meal. Maybe its looking for her. I hope so — I enjoy my job; I like teaching. And Blake isn’t going to want to drop everything and go. I’m not a teenager anymore; I can’t quit a job and ditch a tenement;  my belongings don’t all fit in a little box or my backpack. I can’t just try fitting into a new place and drop the old life.

So hopefully (and God will surely damn me for this little prayer) it’s got a taste for the Bitch, and will never notice me. It would clear up two issues in one smooth stroke at least.


One Response to “In My Opinion”

  1. youknowme Says:

    You really hurt my feelings when you say these things about me, sir.

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