Good News

First of all: Aaron and I don’t have a dog. I have no idea what that crazy bastard is talking about. The complex we live in doesn’t allow pets over ten pounds, and then they charge an extra fee for the pet, so we’ve never gotten one. So even if we had a dog, it would be a chihuahua-sized runt, and if he got his ass kicked by a chihuahua… well, then we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Secondly: I would never shave an animal.

And finally: Aaron says he’s willing to start posting again, soon. So that’s really all I have to say tonight, except I’m glad to hear that ‘youknowme/oohthethingsiveseen’ got his ass handed to him by an imaginary animal. More power to you, Shaved Phantom Dog.


6 Responses to “Good News”

  1. I hate to inform you, but it’s probably best you know now. Just in case.
    If what you’re new “friend” saw wasn’t an illusion, you may have bigger problems now.

  2. blakecalhoune Says:

    Well, I have to admit, our area isn’t exactly known to be on top of wildlife management. If there IS an animal – a coyote, I suppose it could be; people see them around here sometimes – then we’ll have to call animal control.

    But I think the bastard got cold feet, really. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really just think he knew Aaron had been sitting up late at night and decided he was too scared to try breaking in again.

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