All Quiet on the Mid-Western Front

First things first: still no sightings, though Aaron continues to have trouble sleeping.

There is always something to see

After reading through some of the other Slender Man related postings on this and other blogging sites, I am hopeful that there might be a few people out there who honestly have seen what we have or know something about our kind of situation. Though a few seem to trail off into ominous silent spells, which is kind of off-putting.

Deeply dreaming, we don’t worry about waking

Last night I was talking about my recurring dream. I feel it prudent to mention that the dreams (for me at least) are not an every-night occurrence. Rather, they became less frequent as waking life started getting more… upsetting. Which seems kind of backwards, really… usually upset in the waking hours seeps into your dreams; isn’t that where bad dreams come from? But still. The worse things seemed during the day, the better sleep was once I finally got there.

Wake up, don’t wake up

The waking stuff started like ‘from the corners of my eye’ kind of eerie-ness. I’d see something dark slink around a corner, or a streak of pale white hovering high outside the window. Whenever I turned my head or strained for a better look, there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary. I thought it was just… well, you know, nightmares steal sleep; I’m just so tired.

I honestly think Aaron has been going through this longer than me, though he’s become suddenly quiet on the topic. He was often snapping his head to one side or the other, peering off suspiciously into nothing. I honestly didn’t really think anything of it, because well… Aaron has always been kind of suspicious of the world around him, just sort of by nature. It wasn’t anything to me, until he finally admitted that his insomnia was also stemming from a rash of bad dreams.

I’ll always be right here, baby

(He gave me one of his Looks when I asked about sharing his nightmares (he’s got several recurring ones), so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe he’ll relent, or maybe he thought I was stupid for asking instead of just doing it. I’ll clarify that tomorrow.)

This log was his idea, in case anyone becomes curious. I at first didn’t like the idea of broadcasting what sounded like our brief bout of craziness. But I actually find that writing it all down is kind of soothing. Aaron, however, seems inclined to steer clear of the blog now that he’s gone to the trouble of making a banner and everything. “Better not to talk about it, maybe.” He says. “Put it from our heads.”

Whisper in the dark, darling

But I can’t, and I know he can’t either.

I’ll whisper right back.


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