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Okay, so… following Aaron’s request, I kind of dropped the blogging thing. In fact, I really did my best to drop the entire Slender-Friend thing. When they discharged him from the hospital, I asked him again what had happened. I asked him if it was related to our previous experiences.

I already knew it was. I knew, just because of how adamantly he refused to tell the doctors what had happened. But as we got into the car, he told me — “We’re done with this. Stop asking about it. This is the last of it, okay?”

And I said okay. He still won’t tell who beat him so badly. I haven’t come across anything like this in other blogs or vlogs — no instances of the Slenderman beating the shit out of his victims. I mean, I’ve seen people end up with bloody noses or pass out, but never end up…

Nevermind. Long story short, someone kicked the snot out of Aaron, and its somehow related to our sightings of Mr. Tall. He stayed in the hospital for three days while they ran some tests because they were concerned about brain damage. That’s how bad it was.

And because he asked me to, I put the whole damn thing out of my head. Or tried to. And I could tell he did too. But we both still felt something, especially at night when we were trying to sleep. There were sounds, like someone stalking around outside… usually one or both of us would be paranoid enough to get up and look around. But for the last week, after a few minutes in bed — no more than fifteen — we both just passed out for the night. Which is very unusual for the both of us.

Then last night, I heard something. It sounded like tapping, at the window, you know? And I wanted to get up and look, but I didn’t. Instead, I fell asleep. I guess that happens sometimes; you’re tired enough that you just kind of conk out. I woke up at seven feeling fresh and well rested, and Aaron seemed to have had just as good of a night. True to his request, I didn’t mention the tapping at the window, and I didn’t think of it until I went into the office this afternoon.

We  — okay, I — am kind of nutty about keeping things in here labeled and in their place. Even so, at first i wasn’t sure what was wrong with the room; nothing was really moved or anything. Except, upon further inspection, my USB drive. It’s not even a big storage drive; it’s only like 1GB. And lets face it, my photos of Aaron and my class syllabi aren’t exactly state secrets. They’re important to me (and the photos are irreplaceable) but why would anyone steal it?

I thought the same thing;maybe I misplaced it. I spent three hours looking around the house for it; Aaron helped for a while. It’s not in this house. It’s not in the car. I can’t imagine it’s at work, since I haven’t pulled it out of the computer since the last time we went to that stupid park.

I have no idea why, but I know it’s true — someone stole it. It makes no sense, but neither does creeping around outside our house and knocking on things. Or, for that matter, a ten foot tall guy with no face following us around.

Some one broke into my house last night and stole a USB drive that has absolutely no value to anyone anywhere. They did it while we were sleeping and without waking us up — quietly and quickly, it had to have been. And for whatever reason, the fact that they managed to do it without disturbing us or moving any of our stuff around is terrifying to me.

Making Ourselves Scarce

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Aaron’s in the hospital, and I don’t know when I’ll be allowed to take him home. I’m a little freaked out right now, but I just didn’t want anyone to think we’d disappeared. We’re still here, despite the best efforts of someone.

Even if we’re apart.

Could be a few days before we post again.

I’m still here.

All Quiet on the Mid-Western Front

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First things first: still no sightings, though Aaron continues to have trouble sleeping.

There is always something to see

After reading through some of the other Slender Man related postings on this and other blogging sites, I am hopeful that there might be a few people out there who honestly have seen what we have or know something about our kind of situation. Though a few seem to trail off into ominous silent spells, which is kind of off-putting.

Deeply dreaming, we don’t worry about waking

Last night I was talking about my recurring dream. I feel it prudent to mention that the dreams (for me at least) are not an every-night occurrence. Rather, they became less frequent as waking life started getting more… upsetting. Which seems kind of backwards, really… usually upset in the waking hours seeps into your dreams; isn’t that where bad dreams come from? But still. The worse things seemed during the day, the better sleep was once I finally got there.

Wake up, don’t wake up

The waking stuff started like ‘from the corners of my eye’ kind of eerie-ness. I’d see something dark slink around a corner, or a streak of pale white hovering high outside the window. Whenever I turned my head or strained for a better look, there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary. I thought it was just… well, you know, nightmares steal sleep; I’m just so tired.

I honestly think Aaron has been going through this longer than me, though he’s become suddenly quiet on the topic. He was often snapping his head to one side or the other, peering off suspiciously into nothing. I honestly didn’t really think anything of it, because well… Aaron has always been kind of suspicious of the world around him, just sort of by nature. It wasn’t anything to me, until he finally admitted that his insomnia was also stemming from a rash of bad dreams.

I’ll always be right here, baby

(He gave me one of his Looks when I asked about sharing his nightmares (he’s got several recurring ones), so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe he’ll relent, or maybe he thought I was stupid for asking instead of just doing it. I’ll clarify that tomorrow.)

This log was his idea, in case anyone becomes curious. I at first didn’t like the idea of broadcasting what sounded like our brief bout of craziness. But I actually find that writing it all down is kind of soothing. Aaron, however, seems inclined to steer clear of the blog now that he’s gone to the trouble of making a banner and everything. “Better not to talk about it, maybe.” He says. “Put it from our heads.”

Whisper in the dark, darling

But I can’t, and I know he can’t either.

I’ll whisper right back.


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There are doors, many open but most closed. It is right that they remain closed. We don’t need to see what lies behind their sturdy barricades.

As days crawl by, each shorter and darker than the last, the thing I cling to most is this: most of the doors are still closed.

But I keep thinking of Quill and how the door was closed, the basement door was closed and locked, and how she was out when we came back.

Is a closed door really so much security, even one that is as locked and barred as these are supposed to be? Graviora manent; Nemo ante mortem beatu.

A cat’s collarbone is not connected to other bones in its body, instead buried in the muscle of the cat’s shoulder. This allows a cat to slip through any opening the size of its head — Quill was locked in the basement when we left the house, and through strength and acrobatic flexibility, she managed to squeeze between the door and the wall, straining the door against it’s chain lock.

Most doors are kept closed, but it is really so hard to imagine that something on the other side could, like a cat, squeeze itself through the cracks? Something thin and flexible and hungry which, sniffing long enough around the edges of its door, has smelled good prey and comes now to hunt.